Fifth Third Mobile Banking App yorumlar



Love this app!!

So easy to use. Hardly ever need to go to the building except to get money. If you could find a way to have dollars spit out my phone - that would be the ultimate!! Kidding!! I use this all the time for deposits, transfers, ckg past withdrawals and deposits. And get messages long before snail mail notices appear in my mailbox. Thanks 5/3. You make this part of my life so much easier

Less is more.

Would much rather see the app automatically show your updated account balance upon transfer or deposit. The picture feature for deposit is extreme sensitive and hard to use. So many features that not very useful. Special features could be all together elsewhere. They get in the way all the daily used features.

So confusing at times!!!!

I use the online Fifth third banking App foe EVERYTHING! At times I gave found that my account balance is more than t should be! And when I call my local branch and tell them about it,all they can tell me is that I should keep a log of my purchases!! I thought that’s what they were supposed to be doing! So that my life is easier! I get that some purchases don’t come off the balance until they deliver the packages BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN IVE RECEIVED ALL MY PACKAGES AND MY BALANCE IS STILL $100.00 over what it should be! You need to fix that problem Fifth Third!! It’s really inconvenient to worry about my bank account all the time!

So functional, but constantly down

The app is amazing with tons of great features and capabilities. They did away with Touch ID which means you have to manually type in your full social and password every time you log in. Inconvenient, but the apps functionality is so worth it. The real problem with the app is how often it is down. I can’t access my accounts probably once every other day due to technical issues, and probably 4-5x a week the app is down for maintenance.

Touch ID

5/3: Please return my Touch ID feature! It magically disappeared about a week ago. Otherwise, I love the app!

So convenient

Thanks for the online video and also the in App help taking the pictures of the check. I will definitely use this App for future deposits.

Customer Service

Customer Service is so good they try to help you to the best of their ability calls don’t last more than 5 minutes for almost any problem

Secret questions can't be entered

I just got prompted to update my account verification questions. Problem is I end up with a blank screen after entering one answer. I can't proceed from there.

Tricky thievery

The way 53 hides transactions for up to 48 hours and then charges overdraft fees for an item they post after the fact for 2 days prior is criminal. Until the app shows transactions in real time, it will be a failure.


I set up Zelle and have used it successfully before. But now when I try to change some settings the app kicks me out. Frustrating that I cannot receive money that is owed to me.


Please fix the three personal questions glitch. I can't log onto the app and check my money if the screen turns blank before I type in my childhood cats name.

Show the hidden password

Love the app. The only improvement would be the login. Other apps have a little eye icon in the password field to see if you’ve typed the password correctly. I like that feature.

Love it

Love the app especially the check deposit feature. I don't have to go into town to make a deposit. It's great. I also like the finger print access.

Quick Transfer

Love it❣️ Worked like a charm and showed my new balances INSTANTLY! Brilliant. Thank you.

Makes life easier

Having the flexibility of the 53 app makes things so much easier. You don't have to worry about remembering to go to the Jeanie machine as you can deposit your checks from home. I check balances occasionally but the check cashing function is really the best thing! Thanks for a great app!


I'm on an iPhone SE, and because the security question page is not optimized not usable on a small screen, every time the question selection comes up the entire area gets overlayed by a blank page, and I can't actually click on anything nor input answers, so I can't actually access my account.

Echoing review after review: TOUCH ID!

Everyone’s already said it but I have to write my rare review to rate negatively the app. 1) Past week, Touch ID not wonky, not glitchy, bleep-! And the prompt for the review is how great the app worked before! 2) Very occasionally restarting the phone helps. 3) Disappointed with the current state.

Hello Fifth Third Team,

Thanks for this app, it’s great!

Needs To Be Fixed

It keeps logging me out. Touch ID keeps on getting disconnected. I don’t know what the problem is.

Touch ID

What happened to Touch ID It was working just fine and then with the last update it disappeared. Please bring it back


Easy to use, extremely efficient. Love it


As a technologically challenged individual, I find the app easy to use and excellent for depositing checks. It saves time, gas, and stress.

Now it’s ok



Stupid security. It has my fingerprint if that I have been using for years, and yet it says it doesn’t recognizes my device. After forcing me to send a code to my phone the app refuses to go to the keyboard so it can be typed in

Sign in

Every time I sign in it says there is a problem with my username or password. I know you’re trying to protect my money but I use the same device every time. It is very irritating. Thank you for making my life a 5/3 better!

Great App!

Issues with previous update have been corrected. The app is so easy to use. One of the best apps on my phone!!!

Touch ID problems with latest update

I’m a big fan of the website and have used it for years. The Touch ID option was easily one of my favorite shortcuts, but since the latest update a week of so ago I’ve had to reset my Touch ID four times. Whatever you changed that caused this to happen, please return it to the previous version. I’d still give it an overall five stars but Touch ID not working makes it a less attractive option for me.


Easy as pie!

Touch ID is buggy

This app keeps deleting my login info so I have to re-enter my password every day or so (the program accepts my finger print scan but then it gives me a generic Touch ID error then clears my login info). Chase app never did this.

Touch ID no longer works, login problems

This app worked great until about a week ago. Now I can no longer log in using my fingerprint and about half the time I have to log in three or four times manually. It no longer saves even my user name. Please fix the log in issues. I prefer to use my Touch ID to typing in user names and passwords.

I shouldn’t have updated.

Used to work great. Now Touch ID is broken. Big step backwards.

Update is terrible!

I never had issues with this app, but since the last update it tells me there's a problem with my saved uswrname AT LEAST every other time I log in. So frustrating!! Please fix this issue

Great app

Besides the maintenance update here and there, I haven’t had any problems with this app & I love how I can do everything that I need to do from the app

App crashes have to repeat my login info

Still cannot view CC statements, has been 6 months, when try to open crashes Sorry I can’t 0 stars, every time u have a update, the app requires u to re enter all of info again, and u have to setup the widget

Bug with Recent Update

It keeps unsaving my log in info. Never had an issue before. Annoying to I put everything every time.

Touch ID keeps resetting

Was working great! But now my Touch ID keeps disabling throughout the day. Annoying to have to enter user ID and password every time I want to check my accounts.

It’s messed up.

It’s not keeping the finger print login available between sessions. Really inconvenient!!!!

Keeps logging me out

App is not remembering my log-in credentials. Touch ID isn’t working and the username save option isn’t either. Not a big deal to type in my log-in credentials every time, but annoying and slightly inconvenient when Touch ID is supposed to be available.

Log in

Now when I use Touch ID it doesn’t work! Every since the update this has been going on. Worked fine before the update. FIX!

What happened

For the past 2 Weeks it won’t save my info so I have to input all my info every time I log in instead of just my fingerprint. It will work once after I input it then after that it erases it and I did save it!

Was great now just a hassle

Frequently tells me there is a problem with username/password. Have to re enter the info. After re installing can not set up Touch ID try again later.

This app is a piece of crap.

The latest update done (August 2018) has caused this app to crash often and delete saved credentials to be lost. Do not usr till further notice.

Streamlined App

One of the best apps I came across. User friendly, not complicated, and easy to understand. Only thing I would recommend is better instructions on utilizing Zelle.

What’s up with Touch ID???

I have to enter my login credentials at least every other time I open the app!!! Frustrating considering how many times I use it everyday. Fix it please!!


I like the app it makes checking bank info simple and mobile deposit is nice. However after this recent update I have to re-enter my username and password after just a few times of checking my account. This is with finger print ID. It’s inconvenient.

Bad update

Ever since the last update, it always tells me there’s a problem with my sign on and I need to do it again. I save my info every time and it’s not supposed to kick me out. That’s the whole point of being able to save you don’t have to sign in every time you get on the app. Please fix this!

Password Issue

Been using this app for a long time but ever since the last update I have to constantly re-enter my password because of an error.

Touch ID

In the past I never had to re log in and just used Touch ID. I. The past two days I’ve had to resign up for Touch ID 5 times since August 31st. What’s the issue?!?!

Great when it saves...

Ever since the last update, the app isn’t saving my login information reliably. It’ll save for maybe 1-2 uses, but if I log in again, it’ll tell me there’s a problem saving my information and I have to re-enter it repeatedly in a very short period of time. Please fix this!

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