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Fifth Third bank App

It’s awesome whole department each one of them are very good helpful if you are needing help so they are willing to help you solve the problems to solution!

Never works

Has not been working for the last week.


Appreciate this service. It works great for me. Thx.

Improved but....

Although there have been updates the app continues to be glitchy. I have to try the same payment process 3 times before the proper amount populates.

So easy to use!

All I can say is I love it, love it, love it!!

Great app

Very easy to navigate and get around the app. Easy to make payments and see all of your accounts

Love love love

I use this app everyday 😊 it is great and everything you need is right there . I work 50-60 hrs a week so it’s hard to get to the bank so the fact that I can deposit checks from the app is very helpful. And I never have any problems with it going through

Uploading Checks Doesn’t Work Since The New Update

Every time I try to upload a check from the app it will appear to be a clear photo, & then it will blur itself and the quality of the photo is poor. No matter the background, lighting, check- the auto focus must be messed up. This only started happening after your last update.

No transport security!

v3.26 - August 10, 2018 - this is still not fixed “bank grade security”... sad face. v3.17 - This is a great app that I used often, however still as of version 3.17 the app does not validate SSL certificates allowing this app to be very easily man-in-the-middle-attacked. Can someone from inside 5/3 please tell your development team this needs to be fixed ASAP. Anyone using this app over an insecure network is leaking tons of personal data including account #s, routing #s, and full transaction details. This is a huge security hole that can be fixed easily by verifying the SSL cert fingerprint from within the iOS app... and it's such a common security hole that how can a bank like this not have it patched? Security is important... do you really want to be the next news story? Can't wait for the update where this is patched!

Fifth Third App

Easy to pay bills, transfer funds, and check balances. I love it.

Great App

Easy to use! I never had one issue using this app 😊

Awesome app

This App is very easy to use and I was impressed with all the security features the Bank offered not to mention their staff was amazing in helping me set up my account and online banking

Great app

This app works great it allows me to keep up with my finances. It also allows me to transfer money with no issues.

Please don’t change it

I love this app it’s perfect easy to use, fast and well it’s the reason I bank with fifth third! Good job!

Pretty perfect

It’s pretty awesome ,and it makes banking transactions much more easier. But if only they can include like western union and probably sending money to other banks(with convenience). Trust me,it will be way much more better.

Bug in Check Deposit

No matter how many times the app takes a picture of the check it has “quality issues” - the picture is crystal clear from the camera but once transferred to the app becomes blurry. Tried on 2 different devices and all possible lighting settings.

Very useful

This is great for keeping an eye on your accounts and easily making transfers. The app is easy to use and definitely worth having. One suggestion I would make would be to show the starting and ending balances for a given deposit when it is selected in an account. The lag between when I make a deposit and when my balance is updated makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Flawless App.!

I gave up my Quicken software for this app. It became redundant. My Fifth Third app. does everything I need to conduct mobile banking,

Very user friendly!

It’s continued to improve and I often choose to use the mobile app vs. desktop for my transactions just because it’s often quicker.

Decent app, could work on many improvements.

I really like the look of the app but I don’t entirely like the set up of it. It would be nice if you had the option to see how much a month you’ve spent, saved or owe. You have to constantly add it up yourself and look through statements to see end/start date. It would be so much easier if they included charts instead of just showing transactions. Would be better than having to add purchases/returns.


Love this app. Works great. I like the ability to transfer funds between accounts and to be able to deposit checks immediately with the app.

Aug 06 2018 - still not fixed

Aug 06 2018 - MOBILE check deposit option still not fixed. I did deposit from 5th attempt today. And ATM is NOT WORKING TOO. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Love at first app

Always up to date! I can do everything I need with app on my phone


So I have an iPhone X running the lastest iOS I believe it's 11.4.1 or something. I open the app it has me login and it says oh you need to add 3 security questions. I click on them okay and then there's a glitch where you can't see the questions and answer field anymore. Guess I'll have to login on a computer and fix this first.


Enjoy the app

Love this 5th 3rd app!

This app saves me multiple trips to the bank every week. And I love being able to swipe the screen to see my balances without having to log in. Very important to look at your balances often to catch any identity theft early!


Love this app, it’s super easy to use for watching your account, contacting customer service, receiving important notices, cardless atm feature. I could go on and on. It’s truly great!!

Always experiencing technical difficulties

I love the app when it works, but I’m tired of trying to view my statements or deposit a check and not being able to because of technical problems. I don’t have this many issues with any other app.

Horrible app

This app is very outdated you can’t even view minimum payment due or when your minimum payment is met they told me to look at my statements isn’t that dumb that should be front and center like any other credit card app

Loved but can't use all functions

I loved being able to make deposits through my phone but the daily limit won't reset. Now I can't make any deposit!

Great user experience

Easy to use. And very reliable

Love this app!!

This is the best app for users!! So intuitive and functional. Easiest check depositing process of any bank app and I have several! Great UI/UX design here!!

No complaints

Easy to use, intuitive. Particularly love the mobile deposit ! Nice work.


Honestly I love it app hasn’t let me down yet

Mobile banking made easy

I have had a few accounts with other banks and I have to say that 5/3rd mobile app is by far the best. There a minimal delays when it comes to the app updating on current purchases. They immediately release funds when depositing a check thru the app, even if after regular banking hours! My last bank did not do that and would hold the deposit for a day or two which made it impossible to add funds quickly during a weekend or holiday. I only wish their wasn’t a fee to cash a non 5/3rd check but at least it’s the cheapest fee there is. I recommend this Bank and the app to anyone needing to have more control over their money!

Banking Made Easy

Excellent App. No more traveling to the Bank for various transactions and transfers. The cool part is it helps me balance my checkbook and tick off the checks as they clear. No problems to report.

Great app

I love the app; however, I would like to be able to check the detail on the rewards related to my Trio credit card rather than only being able to see the point balance.


Having this app and opening up an account has made dealing with my money so much easier.

Useless and always crashing

Really getting tired of this app constantly crashing, it's not even worth keeping anymore.

Great App

Easy to transfer and pay off credit cards. I’ve never had a problem with the app in 3 years.

Business owner

Great app. Makes checking very easy

Alice Kittredge

So far so good. Very handy.

Always works!

Very reliable app.

Not great

It’s ok. It’s super frustrating that I cannot see historical data for payments. It used to be available and so much better so I track my finances. Not sure why companies always have to make “improvements“. This is not the only app that and “improvement“ was made and actually worse for the user. On the positive side it is pretty much always available and accurate.

Mobile Banking Done Right

I've used plenty of banking apps for both business and personal needs and let me say this 53 has done it right! Everything is in an easy place to find, everything is easy to use and it's SIMPLE! The app has its days, like any app, the system gets busy or is being updated so it may act up, but the good out weight the bad!

Good app

User friendly - Like check deposit feature

Highly recommend

Because of how easy this app is I have decided to stay with fifth third bank even though there are no physical fifth third banks in my city.

Banking made simple

Thank you Fifth Third for making banking easy and convenient! I’m grateful to be able to bank out of my own home and the convenience of deposits, transfers and bill paying from my sofa! Great app!

Love the convenience

Very accessible easy to use I balance my $$$$ much better

Love it!

Makes viewing our accounts, depositing checks, paying bills, and transferring money from one account to another very easy.

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