Fifth Third Mobile Banking App Reviews

Great App!


Check deposit still does not work.

Faster than using website

With iOS Touch ID enabled, the app makes logging in, paying bills, mobile deposits, and making transfers noticeably faster than logging into the website. Great work on the app!

Works Great!

Love the app. Only suggestion for improvement would be for iOS Face ID to auto engage rather than having to click it.


Everything is so easy now. GREAT JOB!!! Norma

App does not load

The app crashes on launch. IPhone7/10.3.3 which is supported. The app was working great until now. Had a similar problem with 5s earlier and nothing was done to address the issue. I guess it will be the same this time as well.

Pretty good so far!!!

I like it a lot!!!!

Works great

Easy to use and a great way to deposit checks without going to the bank.

Glitch with fingerprint logon

Periodically I can’t logon with error message. May be server overload or other issue. Frustrating. This should work like a toaster.

Works great!

Works very good with mobile check deposits!!


I just bought a new truck and it was financed through fifth third bank. I set up an online paying method seeing I’m 50 miles from the nearest fifth third bank. Apparently when I set up my account I entered a wrong number somewhere so when I made my payment a week early they charged me $35.00 before my initial payment because the transfer didn’t work, plus tacked on an additional $175.00 on my loan that nobody seems to know why it was added to it. And now they’re saying I can’t make a payment due to the fact that I had a wrong number on the account. The first time I’ve dealt with fifth third and I will be the last with this kind of service. Haven’t officially made my first payment and I’m already +$200.00 extra on my loan. Bad business. Beware.

Very pleased

Have had no problems depositing checks unless the check writer's script is illegible. Rarely have to deposit at ATM. Love having it so handy. Peace of mind

Banking from my couch

No aggravation here, check balances, transfer funds between accounts and pay bills from the app. Saves several trips to the bank each week, banking from my couch!

Thank you very much!!!

Nice improvement! Keep it going!!! Thanks!!!

Overall: just OK, a little unreliable

It lets you perform basic banking functions, but random things break with every update, like viewing statements, transferring money to different accounts, etc. Keep a laptop around as backup, because the desktop web interface is still the most reliable. (Especially when traveling)

Review from Gary Sacco

The app at first needed some wrinkles worked out, but of late, with the updates, and improvements, it has really been running at an excellent level. Please keep up the good work and service. Thank you! Gary Sacco

Unreliable app.

Absolutely no exaggeration when I say that every other week when I try to log in, I get this message that says “Attention, we are currently experiencing technical issues. For assistance, call customer service at 1-800-600-9998.” As I don’t live near a bank branch, it’s extremely frustrating to say the least. I am not sure why this is happening. My iphone is up to date and purchased this year. Most annoying app ever.

Doesn’t work

75% of the time I get a black screen when I try to use the app. Can’t even login. Have to use the internet to access my account which defeats the purpose of an app...

Great Updates

Very cool app, it’s pretty much the only way I deposit checks since my closest 5/3 is pretty far away. Always coming in with cool new improvements that only make the user experience better.

Crashes all the time

This app is awesome when it loads and works but most of the time I’ll go to open it and my screen stays black. I usually have to uninstall it and re install to get it to work. It’s very annoying and needs to be fixed.

Wonderful App

Very easy


So far, so good. No complaints. Moving money to savings or paying your credit card can all be done in the app. They just added the Zella thing in the last year and that too is a lifesaver. Aside from the bank’s services, this app is another reason why I don’t see myself changing banks in the near future.

Awesome App

This app is so easy to use! Great and reliable! Awesome App

Great App

Love the instant transfer and check deposit features. Great app.


This app was used to be problematic every time I deposit a check. But this time this app works so good when I deposit my check thru mobile app.

Fifth Third Mobile App

This saves me a lot of time having to run to bank. Love it. But stability of taking photos is unstable and needs to be addressed. Also need to be able to pay credit card from app or transfer money from other accounts.

Couldn’t survive without it!

This is a great app. It has everything you need to manage your account. Easy to set up bill pay, transfers, account statements, and even contact information are easily accessed. It’s extremely user friendly, and I highly recommend it for any 5/3 bank customers.

Good overall, Needs a little improvement

Good for basic check deposit, checking balances and seeing some transactions....but would like to see rewards in main list, see statements and where payments are to be sent from electronic accounts not at 5th 3rd, and also have careless atm function on main list also.

Love the App

It’s nice to have this app to allow me to monitor all my accounts and pay bills... a+++

Love 5/3 and love the app!

Love the check deposit feature and the app is so easy to use!


This app makes everything so easy and is a big reason im with 5/3 despite not being near a branch

App quit working

The app used to work, but now when I click on it all I get is a black screen and it does not work.

Thursday’s 4am

Why is there always routine maintenance at the time? Makes it real inconvenient

Very frustrated

Every time I get paid I can’t log in due to “maintenance.” It’s starting to get very frustrating

The best app!!!!

This is the best banking app. Love it! Been using for years

5th3rd mobile app

Nice...easy to use. Convenient. Takes the picture for you. Couldn’t be easier !

Works very well and saves me time!

I highly recommend!

Great app

So great I miss seeing my friends at the actual bank. HUGELY convenient, though. Thanks to all.

Zelle is a problem

The Zelle part of this app is problematic. I tried to send money to someone else with a 53 account and it sent to her phone number, not her actual Zelle account. She got a text message to download the app but couldn’t connect her actual account and therefore couldn’t get the money. It would make way more sense if the app only allowed you to send money to people who actually have an account with Zelle. Also there should be a clear way for customers to access customer service (perhaps a “help” button) on the Zelle part of the app.

Has been down recently

Last few times I have tried to use the app it says it is unavailable

What a headache!

Once your past the 1st 30 days as a customer, the app is great. Till then, it’s hell! Constant security issues, having to call in to do anything, customer service is clueless as to how to work around issues.


Me a funcionado bien

Great way to make deposits

Taking a photo of front and back of checks is very easy and speedy way to save time.


This is by far the best app I've used.!! 5 stars all the way.

Love it

Once you get used to taking the pics, it's a breeze


Half the time it doesn’t work and it says you are having technical difficulty.. which is annoying. Very slow logging on half the time also.


Can't use the app at all. When I click the icon, the 5/3 logo shows for 3 seconds then black screens and crashes


I open the app and it’s just a black screen. If I leave it open to like load, the app just crashes. I have an iPhone 8 so it’s not a compatibility issue....

Best app ever!!

I love this app!! Everything is so much easier!


Love it so convient for a person like me who always leave my bank card in other purses i just use the app and transfer funds into my other account

If I could give negative stars I would!

This app is horrible seems purposely designed to make you mad.

Great app

I love how easily this app lets me move my funds around.

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