Fifth Third Mobile Banking App Bewertungen


Check deposit NEVER works. Worthless app.

Best Banking app I’ve ever used

The app is very simple to use, I have quick access to all of my accounts and can easily transfer money between them. Not only is it easy to use but the over all appearance of the app is amazing, and simple to navigate.


I love this app. I wish we had a branch in my town.


Awesome accurate and fast check capture

Not bad!

Easy to use!

Account Locked Multiple Times???

I have been a mobile bank customer for 12 years, and been in the business of online security for years but never seen a banking app that doesn’t work consistently and keeps giving me errors about my user id and/password. When it comes to passwords, I am pretty knowledgeable and this app is the only one that keeps claiming that I type my password wrong! As if this isn’t bad enough, it doesn’t even offer an easy way to recover your account. I have been locked out of my account for weeks and what they want me to do is “calling the customer service Mon-Friday in business hours”! Why??? You don’t even connect me to someone in a reasonable amount of time. What makes you think that I have nothing to do and have no business so I can wait you forever? A bank should have an account recovery feature available in the app or on their website. Fifth Third is the only bank that makes me call them for every reason. Very poor performance for a banking app. Doesn’t even work consistently. Doesn’t provide any internal solutions for account recovery. I don’t know how it happened but I was able to log in my account for the first time earlier today and thought that the account was locked only for a certain period and was finally relieved. But it wasn’t. To see my account balance, I use Mint! Can you believe this? Mint still has access to my account, using my username and password. But I don’t. Are you really serious??? How does this make sense? A third party app is not locked and is able to use the same authentication but not the actual owner??? Thanks! Appreciate it...

Love It

This banking is user friendly! You can access your bank accounts with a glance!! I highly recommend this app‼️

App not working

The app just abruptly stopped working this week. What’s going on? I uninstalled the app and then installed it again only to have the app freeze in the opening 5/3 screen and then shut down. Please fix ASAP


Great and easy to use 👌🏽

Mobile banking

Very user friendly, not complicated, & secure


Well done layout and accessibility! Highly recommended!

Love mostly

Love the app except the limited access to past info. I work with many banking systems in my job & several are better. Also wish I could transfer funds from “special” savings accounts to checking online. It’s a pain to have to call or go to a bank. Plus, it’s not always available.

This App is really great

I love using this App daily. The interface is really thoughtful, and it works smoothly all the time. I would love to see an Apple Watch version of this app.

Unusable due to bugs

When I log in, it asks me to update my security questions (even though I just did on my computer). I can get through the first two, but I can't even see the 3rd question. The app forces me to log out and I can't do anything else. Useless.

Looooooooooooove it!

I think the title says it all. Deposit by phone so I never have to step foot into a bank or drive to the nearest ATM with a limit higher than $2,000! (Actually $5,000). All I need now is ability to pay at restaurants etc with my app. Maybe that's already available but I don't know yet?

Perfect performance

This app gets the job done with simplicity and ease. Love it.

Check deposit

This has been a secure and really fast way for me to meet my needs.

Scheduling payments

App works ok, had no issues, just sometimes I got lost with scheduled payments once I can’t see them on my summary and, sure enough, just forgot it.


It is a very user m-friendly app with high efficiency.

On the go a lot

I really enjoy it I don’t always have time to go to the bank and I’m able to keep up with all bank transactions right from my phone the Touch ID is awesome too I hate having to put in password and with the Touch ID I don’t have to worry about anyone looking over my shoulders and memorizing it thanks Fifth Thrid you’re the greatest.

Check deposit app

I would like to have the option to declare my own personal maximum check amount to deposit. For 5 months a year I live in an East coast state where 5/3 has no branch offices. I get checks that exceed 7500. This has forced me to open an account with another bank. Please enhance this feature.

Notifications as soon as my card is swiped!!!

Not sure how people have a problem with this app but it’s 100% A1 works well.. As soon as my card is swiped I get a notification!! Also I use my Face recognition ID to login. It’s updated as well when new stuff is added ..

Never get alerts via app or text

What is the use of having an app if it doesn’t send you the alerts you want? Disgusted!

Best banking app ever

This is the best easiest to use banking app I have seen to date. One of the reasons why I love banking with fifth third

Well done

The 53rd app is one of the easiest to open and to navigate through and I can do anything we need for our banking needs.

Great app

Easy to use and love photo deposit

Amazing app!!

I love this app! It is so convenient for checking my accounts and depositing money. I don’t have to always go to the bank now to deposit my money.

Please update for iPhone XS Max!

This is RIDICULOUS! Why don’t you update the app to take advantage of the iPhone XS Max’s 2688 x 1242 resolution! It’s such a simple fix that will make a world of difference!


❤️ it

Can’t get past security questions

App won’t let me get past security questions. Ridiculous.

Deposit Application

LOVE THIS! I was initially leery but it works well and saves me unnecessary trips to the bank.


I love this app. It is so user friendly and Fifth Third makes it easy to access funds with just a quick tap of your finger. Definitely a winner

This 5/3 App... a perfect example of how all apps should be. It has everything a person needs for their mobile banking, and it always performs flawlessly. It’s very easy to use, and each update seems to add a function that makes it even better. And easier. I don’t write reviews very often, but this app definitely deserves one in my opinion.

Saves me so much time!

I love how fast and easy it is to do my banking. It’s great to see my finances all at one glance. It’s easier to make sure I’m where I need to be financially 24/7. Thank you.

Projected Balance

Please show internal account’s projected balances prior to completing the transfer. The projected balance of the “from” account (ex. fifth third checking) and the projected balance of the “to” account (ex. fifth third savings) would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also very helpful when transferring funds between accounts.

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

I use the 53 mobile app for nearly everything banking. I really like mobile check deposit saves a lot of time! The only thing missing is the Early Access feature. I’m sure they’re working on it though! 5 star app though!

Great, but...

Our mortgage is through Fifth Third. It’s a great app, but you cannot pay extra to your escrow account through the app! Due to this, I have to pay our mortgage via check. Wish they’d change this, then it would be 5 stars.

Great App

BBT does it and I thought it was really nice to be able to just open the app and see your account balance without ever logging in made it quick and easy to see you balance but over all it’s a really nice app and very simple to use

Mobile depot

Deposited check with mobile deposit. 2 days later I see in the app it was voided and reversed. Called an learned the photo taken and accepted at time of deposit was now acceptable. 5/3rd did not provide any alert, text message or email. After phone call to customer service found out the only solution is to present the check to the bank or the-deposit with the app. Just a poorly designed app that would accept image only to not accept days later.

Best app ever !!

I can’t go a a day without it !!

The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing...

Nice app, but extremely frustrated over the email notifications indicating i have a bill due when it is already set to pay! As well as receiving email notifications that an online bill is available when the current payment hasn’t even occurred yet. What is going with the glitches in this feature??!! Other than that, no issues and love the fact i can swipe to see balances. I have sent complaints and receive cookie cutter responses with no research of what is actually causing this.... Get it fixed. There is no reason with today’s technology that these issues should be ongoing.


It seems that the time I need to use it in the morning is the time it is always down for maintenance. Why does it go down every day for maintenance and at the same time? Can it not be different times? Not everyone keeps 9-5 business hours and needs access to the account at all times.

Easy Banking

I really like this app. I can quickly check transactions & account balances, transfer money from checking to savings (or vice versa), add money to a prepaid card, send money instantly via Zelle, or even deposit a check.

Simple & Straightforward

This app has a clean design & is very user friendly .

Check deposit feature

Works quite well. The automatic image capture is excellent. Quick and easy to use.

Ease of use

App is easy to use. Really like that it’s quick, and easy to see all accounts, balances, and all transactions made.

Only one thing missing

4 star rating because I wish they would take note from regions bank and let us lock our cards at will so no unwanted purchase can be made


Easiest and most user friendly of the four bank apps I have. Good job!

Great bank app

5th 3rd has a great app.....easy to navigate and lets me do all my banking from the comfort of my sofa! I highly recommend it!

Touch ID Issues Continue

If I have enabled Touch ID on an app, I shouldn’t have to re-enter my credentialing information every other time I attempt to use the app. It defeats the purpose of Touch ID & generally means I will lock myself from my own account when I can’t remember the password I’ve had to reset eleventy billion times because Touch ID fails to work as it should. It’s a vicious cycle that ends in me sitting on the phone waiting to speak to someone, prove who I am, and make up yet another password so we can repeat the process in a week or two. Between this and the “technical difficulties” message, I find it difficult to enjoy this “service.” If I can access the app, it does what I need it to & that’s nice. At this stage, however, those instances are few and far between.

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