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Always some sort of glitch

For the past couple of months the app won’t work or randomly crash or will just be a giant black screen. It’s getting ridiculous.

Technical Difficulties

I haven’t been able to get on the app for at least a month. I get a Technical Message 99%of the time. What is the problem? My app is updated.

Very Handy

Love the ap! I use it daily!

Inferior transaction search functionality

Unfortunately, the functionality to search transaction history is abysmal. One should be able to search past transactions for months if not years. It seems I only receive search results for a month or two.

Check Deposit crashes to Home Screen

I have attempted a mobile deposit more than once and at the point where I need to take a picture of the front of the check the app crashes back to the iOS home screen. This is a very useful feature, please fix this bug.

So easy to use

I find that this 5/3 banking app is simple and clear, and gives me every option I feel like I need.


Great app!!!

College student Dad

Great app. Especially the speed of funds access. My daughter is in college and I can send her $$$ instantly when she needs it for books or even once a alternator when her car died 35 miles away while I was at work. Want to try the fingerprint access next.

It works

The app does exactly what it’s supposed to and usually doesn’t have any issues


This app takes care of everything I have to do and checks don't hang in my wallet for months...or go through the laundry.



App won’t open

Try to open the app and the screen went black. Won’t let me check anything.

Thanks fifth third

Greatest banking app I ever had. Easy and sample to do transfer moneys to other bank to my friend, arrive in mins!

Simply works

This is a great and reliable app. Why? It works. The interface is simple. End of story. Many times apps start out good then the management and developer start to tinker, add to it, and try to get fancy with bells and whistles. All these additions ruin the simplicity and complicate the app. The additions make an app fragile and less reliable. Fifth Third has kept this app fit for purpose, simple and reliable. Good job!! Keep up the good work.


This app takes for ever to update your account balance. I have friends at work getting paid via direct deposit, and they see it at 1AM. It takes 5/3 almost two days! If you make a purchase or anything it takes about just as long. This app is a joke!

Love it

Make it really easy old man like to keep up with finances

Great App

Love this app. Has been a great app so far.

App performance

Love this app but lately every time I click to open it it’s just a black screen. I’ve closed/reset the app multiple times. I keep having to delete the whole app and redownload! I know I can go on the website for the same things but the app is supposed to be more convenient and lately it’s been a nuisance!

I Like It

The features I utilize on this app work well without problems for the most part. Primarily I use it with my iPhone, and the 360 Card I got from 53rd as an added layer of security.

Doesn’t work

iPhone 6s App will not even open


This app makes checking my account balance, transferring funds, and depositing funds very easy.

Does NOT update acct

If you want to use this to see when something deposits or withdrawals it's pointless. It is taking up to 5 days for anything to show up in my acct. It should update daily in my opinion.

Very stable with great UI

App has always run very smoothly for me with an awesome user interface that doesn't confuse and makes navigation simple. If I were to have any suggestion, it would be the same as belowaveragejoe574's review contained: the graph of balances in accounts over time would be very cool to see!


This new technology is very cool and convenient! Thank you! Please keep it safe for all of us that will continue to use this.

Awful app, awful bank

I’ve been a bank member for just shy of one year and have had nothing but problems with this app and this bank. I HIGHLY discourage anyone and everyone from banking with fifth third.

And actual user not a computer

Love this app and it is very easy to use


It crashes when I open it or it doesn’t let me log in.

Branches? We don’t need no stinking branches!

With the 5/3 app the need for a branch is, for most day-to-day transactions, eliminated. Transfers are a breeze and instantaneous. My one point of contention is the inability to schedule recurring transfers. Aside from that, a great app.

Great APP

5/3 APP is excellent! One of the biggest differentiators I find is that I can consistently count on successful check deposits (I co-manage my mother's acct with another CB bank, & am frustrated with it ALL THE TIME).

Very helpful and nice features

I use this all the time, and love the check deposit feature. Suggestion for improvements: 1) pending bill payer payments are not reflected in the pending transactions and it seems like it would not be that hard to include those. 2) a running balance would be nice, reflected for each debit and credit to the account, not just the current balance.

Easy to deposit checks!

This app makes it so easy to deposit checks. Streamlined steps and super easy photo of front and back. Love it.


The update didn’t fix all the bugs. Every time I open my app it goes black and I have to keep trying till I get it. I just eventually use the online service but this problem has become annoying and inconvenient. Please fix this

App hasn't been letting me in

The app says I need to update security questions. When I try, the words disappear and I get locked out without being able to finish setting up the security changes.

What happened?

App crashes when trying to save settings for fingerprint ID

What happened?

I set up alerts through the mobile app and it used to work. Now I only get notifications via SMS.

Bad customer service

Charged me $75 in fees for a $3 transaction. Not to mention there $14 fee every month. Customer service wouldn’t work with me on anything.

FIX IT!!!!

This app hasn’t worked properly in quite some time. Fix it!!


I had the iPhone 7 about a month ago and every time I would do the Touch ID it would freeze and not open. I deleted the app and tried again to no success. Recently I got the iPhone 7 Plus, downloaded the app and worked for a couple weeks. But now every time I try to open the app the screen turns black and nothing happens. Please fix.


I cannot say enough good things about this app. It does everything that I would do inside a brick and mortar bank all without leaving my house. On days when the weather is bad or I am crazy busy, banking at my fingertips is a Godsend. And getting an alert text of a low balance is a real lifesaver. Frankly my 5/3 bank app is probably the second best thing about my iPhone.

Payment Delays

The app has a delay in payment and withdrawals. Once a payment or transaction is made you would expect the payment to show as pending at least until the next day once payment has cleared and withdrawn from the account. Any transactions made using the debit card or transactions made as an online payment will NOT show until days later, at least 3 to 5 days at times. Fifth Third needs to work on this delay in payment.

Cannot open it after last update

Black screen

Crashes upon opening every time.

This app is useless as a functional way to access my accounts. it crashes immediately after I open it and after numerous phone calls, re-install, clean installs, and frustration I still can't access the app on my iPhone se running the most current software. I like the bank, and keep hoping an update will be released to correct the problem. I don't and haven't had this problem with another app and have tried all the fixes offered by 5/3. It would be very nice to have a fully functional account.

More info

The app works good for checking my account and transferring funds. I would like to see more information on my transactions information when I look up a purchase that was made out of my account.More info it would be nice to have time of purchase and exact date to better track the purchase because of other family members sharing the same account.

Awesome App

Everything is accessible all with the touch of your finger. Highly recommend downloading this app!!

Not working

Updated it. Black screen when you try to open the app.

Great App!

This is a very user friendly app! Has all the features needed for on the go. Thank you 5/3!

Works every time for me

One of, if not THE, easiest and simplest check deposit app out there. It is user friendly and seems to work every time, unlike some other banks’ apps.


Wonderful app. A time saver.


This app is full of bugs. 53rd needs to check what is the competition doing and learn from it.


New update equals black screen. Can’t even get frustrated at Touch ID not working. Reinstalled and restarted phone and still nothing. I trust you with my money and I can’t even view it.

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