Fifth Third Mobile Banking App Reviews

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Car Payments

I dont have a banking account, but I have a car loan through this bank. It would be nice to be able to set up a car payment instead of going to the website.


Useful for some things. Does not let you view 3rd party payee e-bills/amounts, which would be useful when Im trying to pay a bill via the app. Mobile check deposit is frustratingly hit or miss. It wont take a pic, or wont take the second one, or wont upload them, or you get through all that and it craps out bec of technical or (nonexistent) connection problems. Charge/transaction details somewhat limited.

Depositing is too stressful

Why is this app so horrible when making a mobile deposit? I work with other banks that are light years ahead. Fifth Third really needs to fix this problem, this may be the last deposit I ever make with them.

Fix the check deposit

The camera on the check deposit never works. Keeps saying hold camera steady - guess I need a tripod to deposit checks

Unable to deposit using iPhone6s

I used to use my older iPhone to make deposits but now that Ive upgraded to the iPhone6s, the photos fail upon upload. Perhaps this is due to the increased photo quality/increased file size. Now when I need to make a deposit using the app, I have to use my old iPad. Please fix.

Mobile deposit

No matter how steady I am or how great the lighting is, the app refuses to take a picture of the back of my check. Its become extremely frustrating please fix ASAP

Loving the latest mobile app versions!

Thanks for TouchID! Your app has really matured over the past 6 months and it’s greatly appreciated. I now find almost every aspect of my banking is faster and easier using your mobile app than logging in to and doing it through your web site. THANK YOU to your mobile team! Keep up the great work. For reviewers that have expressed problems with mobile deposit….I have found that placing the check on a non-white surface works best. That way the camera can detect the image of your check separately from the background more easily and accurately.

Fix please

Since the new update the finger print does not work it just tells me to go into settings and enable on my phone. The problem is I do have fingerprint enabled and all my other apps work with it. Also fix the mobile deposit. Ive deposited quite a few checks recently into another bank just because their app works.

App is inaccurate

App is inaccurate to what my bank account actually is. The bank is lazy and bad. Avoid them both.

Last update is buggy

Check deposit not working since last update. Gotta fix this Fifth Third.

Great App

Love the app! Very user friendly and comes with multiple features that I cannot find with other banking apps. One thing I will say that is redundant, is that the check deposit needs a major revamping! Wipe the code on that and start with fresh code on the check deposit. Other than that, it works good!

What happened?!?

What happened to this app? Used to be great, but recently the mobile deposit function is completely useless. Either it is forever unable to focus steady when taking a picture of the back of the check, says the picture quality is bad when taken manually, or fails to connect with the network. Slow network speed? In what way is 50 Mbs slow? Please, fix this app... A mobile banking app without a working mobile deposit feature is useless!

Not Good Anymore

First started using it - worked well. Now check deposits for all the reasons shared by others are a thing of the past so sad! Will shop for a bank thats in the digital world.

Check deposit issues - otherwise great app!

I have had several check deposit issues/failures. I really like the transfer feature and fingerprint sign-on.

Completely useless for car loans

I understand that this app is primarily for banking but I have only a car loan. I can see the loan account and activity but cannot make a payment from my other bank account so this app is just taking space on my iPhone. Not anymore. Bye bye.

Touch ID pop up

Great App, but the automatic "Touch ID to log in" pop-up every time you open the app, AND logging in via Touch ID sometimes causes me to inadvertently log in to my account! Even when I just push the home button to exit. I suggest making us either log in with our password, or tap the little fingerprint icon and then touch ID to login. No pop-up and no one-gesture login! We also have to cancel the "Touch ID to login" pop up if we just want to swipe from the right for the quick-look at the account balances... Kind of annoying.

Great app

Works perfect for me! Love the check deposit feature, I use it all the time! Nice to be able to transfer funds so easily! A+

Mobile deposit function broken

Prior reviews must be from 5/3 employees... The mobile deposit function STILL does not work properly. Was hoping that wouldve been fixed with the recent update, but no such luck. Continuously says there is either a slow connection (since when is gigabit slow?!?), or the check images are bad (tried both manual and automatic settings on multiple devices). Renders this app fairly useless.

Check deposit broken

Like the other reviews say, the check deposit feature is useless. The check images dont end up sending and youre stuck depositing the check in person. How this feature is still not fixed is beyond me, probably time to switch banks.

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