Fifth Third Mobile Banking App Reviews

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Its Good For Somethings

The app is good if you would like to view your balance or transfer funds the check deposit does not work as intended the front of the check scans fine but the back of the check never scans correctly and if you snap a picture manually of the check the photo never loads it says your network connection is slow which is not true I have 100MBS down and 20MBS up for my speed using a N router

Nice update

This app has been making good progress. The early version was really just a dumbed down web site. Now, TouchID support! Finally! This makes the app a lot more convenient for me to use. I’ve not had the problems others are reporting with the check deposits. I have an iPhone 6 and relatively steady hands. Keep up the good work. I no longer have “bank app envy”.

Needs debugging

Thumb print scan log in says "invalid information" however its the only app on my iPhone that the scanner doesnt work. Please fix. Also, online check deposit is a crap shoot; sometimes it works, somethings not.

Check deposit stopped working

Check deposit always worked until the most recent update. For me and Im sure many others this is the most important feature. This saves me a trip to the bank, and now this feature no longer works. And it does not matter if Im on wifi or LTE, either way it will not send the pictures of the check. Fix this quickly Fifth Third. This is unacceptable!

Love It- Minus Check Deposit

Check deposit used to be an amazing part of this app. For months now, it seems to never work unless I turn off both wifi and LTE. If I wanted to roll on 4G, Id go back to 2011. Kudos on adding the fingerprint. Everything else is great. Please fix check deposit.


I use it for mobile deposit and it doesnt seem to be ever working so its a total waste of time.

Best Banking App

This app is the main reason I like 5/3. It allows me to deposit checks on my phone, it is very easy to log in (recently added touch ID for log in too). Transferring money between accounts is immediate and flawless as well!!!

Mobile Deposit is Terrible

The mobile deposit functionality is buggy beyond reason. Frequent timeouts and an inability to read some checks are just the surface issues. I also use the app from Bank of America and never have a single problem with that app. The 5/3 app seems to get worse with every update.

Doesnt Work

The only thing I use this for is to check my balance and deposit checks. With the latest update, the app refuses to take a picture of the back side of the check and so I cant deposit them. The app is useless for me without this feature. Please fix asap


Terrible for deposits , extremely frustrating fix this situation already.

Wi-Fi and check deposit issues

Im glad to see youve added finger print login. Ever since that update, Ive seen two major issues with your app. When trying to complete a mobile check deposit, it will not work over Wi-Fi. It says its taking to long and my connection is two slow. I have a 30MBx5MB connection speed so it appears the issue is on your end. Once I turn off Wi-Fi I then receive an error that I need to sign the app was unable to verify the signature on the back of the check. Im using a iPhone 6s with working camera and clean lens. If you fix these two issues Ill bump your app back up to a 5-star, until then 2-star.

Please Fix the Check a Deposit!

Every since the new update with fingerprint id (which is nice by the way) the mobile check deposit is terrible! You cant deposit over wifi and I have the fastest home wifi that Comcast offers. It sometimes works with my LTE service, sometimes it doesnt. Its a 5 star app if you fix this issue. Please, please address the check deposit issue!

Cant deposit checks ever!

Im so annoyed. One of the main reasons I even have the app is to deposit checks. But with this new version I, like other reviewers, am being told that my connection is too slow or it doesnt recognize the photos. Its fine for moving money around but thats it. If not fixed soon Im seriously considering changing banks. Too inconvenient to have to go to the bank to deposit.

It could use improvement

The app looks great. There are only two flaws that I have encountered. The first being that the Touch ID is not available anymore (was it thrown out?) and the second being that the mobile check deposit doesnt work half the time.

mobile check deposit NEVER works

it always just tells me that I need to endorse the back of the check. GLITCHY !!

Y U NO Take Muh Money

Its nice that I can check all my account balances, but the check deposit feature is absolutely awful. You would think Fifth Third would want to make it easy for customers to deposit their money into their bank.

Check deposits

The app wont let me deposit checks on the latest version. It keeps telling me to get closer or hold steady when taking pictures of the back of the check.


Seriously, this app is just about useless without the working check deposit. Everything else I can do from the website. Check deposit just spins, and cancelling the deposit just about crashes your phone. Ill stick with my credit union. Fewer options, but at least I dont have to drive 20+ minutes and waste energy to go to a brick and mortar.


Only one complaint. Unable to deposit checks after recent update. It will not automatically take a picture of the check anymore and I cannot manually take one. It keeps asking me to hold steady. I even rested my arms to help sturdy the minimal movement. I will rate 5 stars once this is resolved.

Cheque Deposit Error!!!

Before the finger print upgrade I was able to deposit cheques. However, since then I ALWAYS get an error message. I have even deleted and downloaded the app again but that didnt help. Please find a solution quickly!!!!

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