Fifth Third Mobile Banking App Reviews

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Does everything I could possibly want as in transfer money ect.

Great App!

Simple, clean and efficient. WTG!

Perfect banking App

Nothing to say - its the only app you need for all your banking needs


This is a great app very easy to use


This app is so convenient. The fingerprint adds extra protection. I highly recommend this app.

Perfect Banking App

This banking app has everything I could have asked for! 1Password extension integration, Touch ID implementation, mobile check deposit, and more! If youre a Fifth Third customer this is a must have app. Thanks Fifth Third for making such a great app and for being so responsive to user feature requests.

Best banking app

I use three banking apps currently. This app is by far the easiest to use, most intuitive, and feature rich. The Now Balance widget is perfect - I wish my other banking apps had that feature. Transferring between accounts is simple and user friendly.

Check deposit

Really easy to deposit a check.

Broken Check Deposit

6+ months ago, the mobile check deposit feature stopped working for some reason. I either get a message saying theres a problem with the quality of the picture or that the pictures are taking too long to upload due to a slow network connection. They still havent fixed it! Get the app developers off their lazy butts and get to work!

Check deposit feature bad

Have to uninstall and reinstall app every time I want to deposit a check.

Touch ID wont turn on

Gives an error message every time I try to turn on Touch ID.


Was happy to see a new update available, anticipating the issue with mobile deposit being fixed, but NOPE!!! Just keeps spinning around, then tells me about a slow connection. In whose world is 25 Mbps/sec slow? Then if I cancel out, and attempt to log back in, it wont. Nice to have Touch ID, but if I cant use the rest of the app, WGAF? For the app developers who actually have problem solving skills, am running iPad Air 2, IOS 9.2.1, connection speedtested @ 24.6 Mb/sec. Well see if anyone is listening...

Its peanut butter jelly time

Hooray for Touch ID. If only 3D Force Touch was setup to quickly deposit checks and transfer money.

Give me TouchID

Yay! This app now has ALL the features I want--including TouchID!

Its great

Crispy, clean, and works like a well oiled machine.

Terrible mobile deposit

Ive tried may times to deposit checks and it will not except the endorsed side of the check. Use to like this app but now Im giving up and switching banks since I use this function the most.

App has bug with mobile deposit

Wont take a photo of the back of my check, only the front. Says "hold steady" constantly. Have tried taking pic against a totally steady surface and still only front works. Normally works fine for me. Please fix this.

Automatic Capture for Checks

This app is great in every aspect except for the automatic capture for depositing checks. The front of the check is easy, but as soon as I try to take a picture of the back, the app keeps telling me to "hold steady" even though I am. Its very frustrating and Fifth Third really needs to fix this because it happens every time.


Make an update for the Apple Watch and it should be amazing from there !!! ..

Needs work

Needs 3D Touch capability and better check deposit.

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